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Project Management Software and Spreadsheets

Spreadsheets are the king of task management assistance tools because they are the most practical tool to use and the most regularly used tool out there. How do they compare with project management software application? What are the advantages of each when you need to make the switch to project management software application?

Depending upon which research you try to look at, the marketplace for project management software application is in between $1.5 billion and $3.5 billion. That is for software application that is particularly created to support task management. Most companies that have actually made considerable efforts to efficient project management have actually acknowledged that it is really challenging to handle a higher number of tasks and people, without the assistance of technology.

While there is no tool for project management that is more popular or prevalent than the spreadsheet, the reality is that spreadsheets are not created to be task assistance tools. Even in companies with a recognized project management tool, spreadsheets are used. There are apparent factors for this. A spreadsheet program is on nearly every computer system in every company, people know spreadsheets and the best ways to use them, and people are pre-disposed to use these "workplace" kinds of software application tools to resolve issues. It is simple, hassle-free, and straightforward.

Data Mining

Data mining is a big part of project management tools. The entire factor for having a tool is to gather information, so that you can efficiently look at that information, make certain your procedures are carrying out as expected, and make great choices. You have to know which projects and tasks are slipping through the process so that you once again respond. You have to know when you will not have enough resources to satisfy needs so that you can designate them effectively or handle the need. You have to know which concerns are prowling so that you can resolve them now before you lose the favor of an important client. And you have to see how your procedures are working so that you can continually enhance your procedures. Mention that planning/management your business and personal life with software can save you time and help you to increase productivity

Benefit: Project Management Software

Ease of Use

There are project management software application systems that are simple to use. Nevertheless, spreadsheets plainly have a benefit here. Many people recognize the best ways to use spreadsheets; they are comfortable with them, as well as like using them. A huge factor is because spreadsheets have no structure. People are not normally "required" into ways to use them. They are totally free to use however they want. Naturally, there is a disadvantage to this. It is really hard to standardize a procedure or have any sort of basic information structure when there is no structure in the tool itself. Nevertheless, from a stringent ease of use viewpoint, spreadsheets cannot be beat.

You can counter this in task management software application by utilizing great, pertinent, and regular training, keeping your execution simple, and using assists such as design templates. But we'll provide the benefit of this one to spreadsheets.

Benefit: Spreadsheets

Central Access

Among the important things that companies are doing today to become more competitive and more effective is to offer everybody access to the project info that they need. Marketing companies are putting all the info online about each customer task. Engineering companies are tracking all schedules and instantly determining issues. Federal government firms are putting all the different needed information online with their tasks. And on it goes. The value of instant access to info is extensive. An engineer can take a look at one system and instantly find the specs he needs. A customer supervisor can track the status of his customer's tasks and recognize concerns early. An expert services supervisor can search for the agreement details and scope of work for an essential task before responding to a concern.

Benefit: Project Management Software

Upkeep and Administration

Time and once again, I talk with companies that are investing a fantastic quantity of time keeping spreadsheets. There is a lot time invested in activities attributable to spreadsheet use:

  • Finding the ideal spreadsheet
  • Locating the ideal variation of the ideal spreadsheet
  • Locating the e-mail with the best variation of the best spreadsheet
  • Emailing out the best spreadsheet to individuals that do not have it
  • Locating individuals who have the details that is had to upgrade the spreadsheet
  • Really upgrading the spreadsheet
  • Keeping the solutions and format of the spreadsheet
  • Upgrading the basic format of all the spreadsheets to accommodate a "procedure improvement"
  • Developing brand-new spreadsheets


On the flip-side, project management software application likewise requires time to preserve. It takes some time to make sure the information is appropriate in the system, that processes are being followed correctly, and to merely get info in the system. Among the other hands of this is that numerous task management software application systems make it possible for the entry of details by everybody so that someone does not need to both find and go into the details. In this situation, the upkeep is more really upkeep than continuous, non-stop information entry.

Benefit: Project Management Software


Versatility in this context describes the capability of the tool to adjust to your procedures. In functionality, this describes things such as having the ability to track any kind of information strange to your company (i.e. including fields), or carrying out a brand-new task design template.

It is tough to carry out a direct contrast because it truly depends upon the project management software application system that you are assessing, but in truth lots of systems will not be as versatile as a spreadsheet. In a spreadsheet, you can produce a brand-new column or row on an impulse or develop a brand name brand-new spreadsheet to track brand-new details. Undoubtedly there is a drawback to this versatility, particularly the problem in standardizing a procedure. Nevertheless, from a stringent take a look at versatility, we need to provide spreadsheets approval.

Benefit: Spreadsheets

Something to look out for is information

Something to look out for is information compatibility. When you devote to a single-solution business management software application supplier, you're basically irrevocably dedicated unless

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